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Origins and suppliers of granite

Granite supplies and countries of origin

Granite origins

Granite is supplied in many different colours and is quarried from various different countries. Below is a list of popular granite colours and where it is quarried from:

Bethel White - USA
Bianco Sardo - Italy
Kashmir White - India
Imperial White - India
Azul Platino - Spain
Juparana Classico - Brazil
Giallo Veneziano - Brazil
Giallo Topazio - Brazil
Giallo Fiorito - Brazil
Colonial Gold - India
Kashmir Gold - India
Madura Gold - India
Rosa Beta - Italy
Shivakashi - India
Ivory Fantasy - India

Raw Silk - India
Balmoral Red - Finland
Red Multicolour - India
Sapphire Brown - India
Tan Brown - India
Dakota Mahogany - India
Tropical Brown - Saudi Arabia
Labrador Antique - Norway
Baltic Brown - Finland
Antique Brown - Brazil
Olive Green - South Africa
Uba Tuba - Brazil
Marinace - Brazil
Blue Eyes - Canada
Blue Pearl - Norway

Emerald Pearl - Norway
Padang Yellow - China
Volga Blue - Ukraine
Blues In The Night - Angola
Black Beauty - Norway
Star Galaxy - India
Absolute Black - Zimbabwe
Belfast Black - South Africa
Labrador Black - India
Azul Bahia - Brazil
Premium Jet Black - India
Nero Impala - South Africa
Crema Julia - Spain
Baltic Green - Finland
Steel Grey - India