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Granite quartz kitchen worktop options

Worktop options

Kitchen worktop options

Polished cut-out

Polished cut-out for an undermounted sink. Cut-outs can be any shape and will be cut according to the sink manufacture's template unless otherwise requested.

Tap hole

Tap holes can be cut into the worksurface to accommodate the tap. The majority of mono-block taps require a 35mm hole with the majority of bridge taps requiring a 25mm hole. The tap manufacture's installation manual should state the hole size required.

Straight drainer grooves

Drainer grooves can be cut and polished into the surface of the granite sloping down to the sink to facilitate drainage. 5 grooves are standard per set however you can as many as you require.

Unpolished cut-out

Unpolished cut-outs can be made for hobs and inset sinks. The unpolished cut-out can also be applied for shaped sinks making it ideal for granite kitchen worktops. Sometimes if a worktop is too long to cut in one piece we may use slips to form the aperture.

Standard chamfered edge profile

The standard chamfered edge profile is by far the most popular edge profile we offer. The edge is polished flat with a small 450 chamfer polished on the top edge.

Pencil round edge profile

Similar to the standard chamfered edge profile in that the edge is polished flat. However the top edge is rounded off to approximately the same radius as a standard pencil. Double-pencil round is also available with the bottom edge rounded off the same.

Ogee edge profile

An s-shaped curve edge worktop profile often used in conjunction with more traditional designs in both bathroom vanities and kitchen worktops.

Full bullnose edge profile

Fully-rounded stone worktop edge profile often used for bathroom vanities but also traditional looking kitchen worktops.

Half bullnose edge profile

Similar to the full bullnose edge profile but rounded to the top only with a slight radius to provide a soft appearance to the stone worktop.

Sharknose edge profile

This modern edge looks beautiful in any kitchen, especially with handleless doors. The edge shows a thin top edge but still maintaining the solid thickness surface.


Upstands are highly advised. Not only do they finish the worktops off, they help cover inevitable discrepancies in the walls. As the upstands provide a waterproof barrier at the back of the worksurface there is not need to tile above unless required. The standard height of upstands are 75mm but they can be higher or lower as desired.


Cladding is similar to upstands but usually goes up to the underside of the wall units.


Backsplashes are not only look fantastic but are practical as they protect the wall behind the cooker from splashes. Backsplashes can be rectangular or curved and shaped according to your design.

Window sill

A granite window sill will match perfectly with your worksurfaces bringing the whole look together. This is also a practical option as granite will not fade in sunlight or warp if it gets damp from condensation.